I just want to take this moment to thank ALL of my many visitors for your support over the past 14 years.  Unfortunately, NebsTV.com as we know it has come to an end.  In truth, this has been a long time coming for various reasons.  What finally had me decide to pull the plug was server & hosting troubles.  But many things have lead to this.  One is the current state of legal streaming anime in the fandom.  Which is to say, it's FANTASTIC!  When I started the site over a decade ago, legally streaming anime didn't even EXIST.  Hell, even fansub streaming sites were a true rarity when I picked up the mantel, which is one of the reasons I started doing it way back in 2002.  But look how far the industry has come since then.  Sites like Crunchyroll, FUNimation, Daisuki, Hulu, Anime Network, Viz, & others have given us easy, legal, & often free ways to stream series the same day they come out in Japan (or close to it).  This was unthinkable back when I started the site.  & while my site has always been about fansubbed streams that aren't officially supporting the creators, I only chose shows that you couldn't legally stream on any of those sites.  Shows that you had no other way to watch officially.  I've always been an advocate of the official streams.

And as time moved on, more and more shows were getting picked up by official Channels.  Every season the number of series I could stream on my site dwindled.  The Summer 2016 season only had a SINGLE show that didn't get picked up for official simulcasting!  & that show was Onara Goro, which (& if you've seen it you'll know) hardly even counts.  Granted, some long-running titles are still unfortunately left without an official release.  Mainly I mean Yu-Gi-Oh & Pok√©mon, the two biggest shows on NebsTV, & 2 huge shows in anime fandom, that sadly still get no official simulcasts.  & to those of you who relied on me to bring you those shows each week (as well as others, such as Kamen Rider & Super Sentai), I do apologize greatly.  It actually does pain me a bit to stop bringing the fans episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh.  I've been streaming the series ever since 2004 with the start of the Millennium World saga of the original series, & have brought you every series since.  Most notably, my site was actually responsible for FANSUBBING the latter part of GX, at a time when fansubs of the show didn't exist!  Torrents of our work still lay out there, & it's by far one of the most proud moments I've ever had with the site.  NebsTV was such a huge part of the Yu-Gi-Oh GX fandom back in the day that GX remains my favorite YGO series because of it.  We were one of the go-to places for it, & I loved that.  But just as a testament of how times change, all of GX is now available for free, legally & subbed, on Crunchyroll.  Including the "lost" final season that we subbed & never aired on American TV!  Hopefully an official simulcast of Arc-V is just around the corner.

Lastly, as sadly happens so often for sites like this one, life just gets in the way.  I started this site in high school, & kept it up through college & beyond.  But that was a long time ago now.  While I have had help in some capacity or another over the years, this has largely been a one man show.  & I gotta say, 14 years is a long time to run a site for mostly one person, so I'm quite proud of that.  But now I have a career & relationships that eat up a lot of my time.  For long time visitors, it should be apparent that slowly, less & less time was devoted to the site.  Our once extremely popular & very much updated blog dwindled down in posts until reaching zero.   The main site itself stopped getting as much love as it used to as well.  I still had the passion for it, but neither the time nor the energy.  Plus while this site did make me a somewhat decent amount of money at its peak, those days have long been over.  I actually almost lost hosting for the site a year ago, & thought about giving it up then.  But found a way to keep it going for another year.  Unfortunately, this time things have gotten too difficult.  Couple that with the decrease in number of shows we can stream & life getting in the way, I just decided that it was really time to pull the curtain.

BUT, this isn't goodbye.  Just, see ya later.  While the NebsTV you know is gone for good, I do wanna continue to do something with this site & be involved in the anime fandom.  I just gotta figure out what.  In the meantime, I'll still be posting on Twitter @NebsTV, so you can always find me there!  I'll leave this message up on the domain for a bit before I transfer the forwarding to my Twitter account, as I figure out what I wanna do with the site.  Until then though, do please keep up with me.  & once again, thank you to ALL my visitors over the past 14 years.  This site will always be a big part of my life, & something I know I'll look back on proudly.  It really was something special to me, & I hope to all of you as well.  We really had some fun there.  To all those who watched from our first show DNAngel to today, & everything in between, thank you.  From the bottom of my heart.

Until we meet again!